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Extend your range! Carry up to 4 gallons of extra gas with you! This packout plate holds two of the 2-gallon RotoPax gas or water cans. Between the 2 RotoPax cans, the packout plate can accommodate 2 single-wide Milwaukee boxes side by side or 1 of the double-wide Milwaukee boxes. You can stack the boxes as high as you want.


Includes mounting hardware for the Rotopax fuel can.


Works with the KRX1000 2 seater and the KRX4 4 seater.


This plate will work with the factory sub woofer and the TUSK Tailgate.


Our packout plates are designed to be used with or without the factory sub-woofer and offer




All boxes can open while locked in place. 


For installation, watch the video here.


Shopping links for the Milwaukee, Rigid 2.0, or the FLEX toolboxes.


***Milwaukee, and RotoPax items not included with Pack-Out Plate

Dual Milwaukee/RotoPax KR1000 & KRX4

  • This product is laser cut, CNC formed, Pemmed and powder coated in the US.

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